As WW3 tensions increase, the US announces a MASSIVE military build-up in Europe, including F-35 squadrons and troops near Putin’s border

As WW3 tensions increase, the US announces a MASSIVE military build-up in Europe, including F-35 squadrons and troops near Putin’s border

As WW3 tensions increase, the US announces a MASSIVE military build-up in Europe, including F-35 squadrons and troops near Putin’s border

In light of the escalating risk of full-scale war with Russia, JOE Biden today vowed to increase US military power in Europe.

He declared that the US will base two more destroyers in Spain, send two additional squadrons of F-35 planes to the UK, and build a permanent 5th Army headquarters in Poland.

He added that extra air defence and other assets would be stationed in Germany and Italy, as well as the deployment of an additional rotating brigade to Romania.

Furthermore, Washington will “intensify” rotational deployments in the Baltic region, directly next to Vladimir Putin.

In the midst of increasingly ferocious threats to bomb London and Washington, Putin’s allies have recently contemplated invading the Baltic states.


Mr. Biden promised to make sure NATO is prepared to handle challenges from all sides and in all spheres, including land, air, and sea.

During the opening remarks of today’s Nato meeting in Madrid, he declared that “Putin has broken peace in Europe.”

“We are improving. We are demonstrating that NATO is more essential than ever.”

“Today I’m announcing that the United States will strengthen our collective security and adapt to the changing security climate in Europe,” he continued.

According to him, the increased army levels in Poland and Romania will fortify the alliance’s eastern flank along the Ukrainian border.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine four months ago, the US has deployed more than 100,000 people across Europe, an increase of 20,000 personnel.


According to Mr. Biden, Putin predicted that NATO members would split up, but the organisation is now more cohesive than ever.

The president claimed that Putin wanted to make Europe more like Finland.

“You’re going to see Europe become more NATO-centric. And even though he didn’t want it, that is precisely what must be done to ensure Europe’s security.”

‘Direct threat’

Russia retaliated by stating that it would not be “intimidated” and making ominous suggestions about it.

“I think that those who suggest such solutions are under the idea that they will be able to intimidate Russia, somehow restrain it, they will not succeed,” said Sergei Ryabkov, deputy foreign minister.


“The security of the nations where more contingents will deploy won’t be boosted.

“Stabilization will be far off in the future. The risks will rise.

He declared that Russia would reply and added, “We have the resources and the skills.

“What is happening right now will undoubtedly prompt us to take corrective action.”

Russia was later identified by NATO as the “most substantial and direct threat” to the peace and security of its members at the summit.

A new ten-year Strategic Concept was agreed upon by the leaders, expanding the number of forces in high readiness from 40,000 to well over 300,000.


Also officially asked to join the 30-nation alliance were hitherto neutral Sweden and Finland.

On the eve of the summit yesterday night, Turkey, which had been preventing their admittance, came to a decision to support their application.

In preparation for a Russian invasion, the two Scandinavian countries have already participated in joint combat exercises with NATO forces.

In order to offset the threat posed by Russia, Boris Johnson stated last night that all NATO countries must “dig deep” and increase defence spending.

But he got into a fight when the Tories were forced to concede they had broken a manifesto promise on budget increases that were higher than inflation.

Following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, serving top brass have labelled cuts to the Army “perverse” and warned him that the UK runs the risk of missing the target by 2025.


Additionally, there was a humiliating disagreement with Nato, which asserted that the UK had spent less on defence than its claimed 2.3% of GDP.

On the approach to the summit, Mr. Johnson remarked, “We’re right.”

Nato does not take into account the £1.3 billion in military aid to Ukraine that the MoD included in its calculations.

Nuclear warning

Russia has issued grave cautions on NATO’s backing of Ukraine, stating that it may trigger another world war.

A TV propagandist known as Putin’s Iron Doll made a bomb threat on the White House and Downing Street last night.


The “decision-making centres” that would be the first targets were depicted in satellite pictures.

Targets were also displayed on state television, including the NATO headquarters in Brussels and the summit location in Madrid.

Olga Skabeyeva, a devoted host, greeted the attendees of the Nato summit of a group openly opposed to Russia.

“Please keep your fear at bay while viewing the screen.

“The so-called “decision-making centres” of Western nations were identified by the precise coordinates and satellite pictures supplied by the Russian Space Agency.

“And the summit location in Madrid, where Russia is branded as the deadliest foe.”


Let them just keep it in mind, Skabeyeva said, denying that she was threatening.

Last week, Putin asserted that his new “Satan 2” ICBMs are in manufacturing and will be ready for use by the end of the year.

An area the size of the UK could purportedly be destroyed by 15 warheads that the Sarmat rockets could reportedly fire and travel 11,000 miles.

The nuclear missile, according to Putin, will “make those who try to attack Russia think twice.”

Additionally, Putin stated that he would not hesitate to expand the Ukraine war to nearby countries, referring to all of the former USSR territory as “traditional Russia.”

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