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Burning of Holy Quran by Anti Islamic Group sparked outrage in Sweden

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

30th Aug, 2020. 02:21 pm
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Far-right activists burned a Quran in Sweden, sparking riots after more than 300 people gathered to protest. Rioters set fires & threw objects at police & rescue services.

Rasmus Paludan, leader of Danish far-right political party Hard-Line burned a copy of the Quran in Malmo. A riot broke in the city, where at least 300 people had gathered to protest against anti-Islam activities.

The head of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations expressed “unequivocal condemnation of the burning of the Quran by far-right extremists … as despicable and totally unacceptable,”

Mr. Moratinos notes that such deplorable acts perpetrated by hate-mongers including by far-right extremists and other radical groups incite violence and tear apart the fabric of our communities. These acts are an affront to the objectives and values embraced by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations which works on the promotion of mutual respect and understanding and strengthening intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

The High Representative reiterates that the desecration of sacred books and places of worship as well as religious symbols should be vehemently repudiated by all faith actors. He calls on religious leaders across the faith spectrum to renew their denunciation of all forms of violence based on religion or belief.

Protesters were throwing objects at police officers and car tires had been set on fire, a police spokesman said.

Earlier desecration of the Holy Quran in the largely Muslim-populated area of Kristiansand by a Norwegian far-right group sparked outrage and condemnation by Muslim nations.

A Muslim man named Ilyas interrupted an anti-Islam rally in November 2019 to stop another man from burning a copy of the Holy Quran in Norway.

The man, Lars Thorsen, who was burning the Quran belongs to the anti-Islamic group Stop the Islamisation of Norway (SIAN) whereas he carried out the deed in the Muslim-populated city of Kristiansand.

The boy, reportedly named Ilyas Umer, jumped into the barricaded circle to save the holy book from being desecrated and launched kicks at the SIAN member. However, the scuffle was soon interrupted by the police took the two into custody.

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