Prayer times Islamabad 2022 (Today Namaz time in Islamabad)

Prayer times Islamabad 2022 (Today Namaz time in Islamabad)

Prayer times Islamabad 2022 (Today Namaz time in Islamabad)

ISLAMABAD: Today Prayer times Islamabad 2022 for Muslims to perform their prayers are as followed: Fahr time Islamabad – Zohr time Islamabad– Asar time in Islamabad– Isha time in Islamabad.

  • Fajr – this is performed before sunrise
  • Zohr – this is performed midday
  • Asr – this is performed between Zohr and sunset
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  • Maghrib – this is performed at sunset
  • Isha – this is performed between Maghrib and midnight

Prayer times Islamabad 2022 for the month

01 May 202204:06 (PKT)05:19 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:43 (PKT)18:47 (PKT)20:01 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
02 May 202204:04 (PKT)05:18 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:43 (PKT)18:48 (PKT)20:02 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
03 May 202204:03 (PKT)05:17 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:43 (PKT)18:49 (PKT)20:03 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
04 May 202204:02 (PKT)05:16 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:43 (PKT)18:50 (PKT)20:04 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
05 May 202204:01 (PKT)05:16 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:50 (PKT)20:05 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
06 May 202204:00 (PKT)05:15 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:51 (PKT)20:06 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
07 May 202203:59 (PKT)05:14 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:52 (PKT)20:07 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
08 May 202203:58 (PKT)05:13 (PKT)12:02 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:52 (PKT)20:08 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
09 May 202203:57 (PKT)05:12 (PKT)12:02 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:53 (PKT)20:09 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
10 May 202203:56 (PKT)05:11 (PKT)12:02 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:54 (PKT)20:10 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
11 May 202203:55 (PKT)05:10 (PKT)12:02 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:55 (PKT)20:11 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
12 May 202203:53 (PKT)05:10 (PKT)12:02 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:55 (PKT)20:12 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
13 May 202203:53 (PKT)05:09 (PKT)12:02 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:56 (PKT)20:13 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
14 May 202203:52 (PKT)05:08 (PKT)12:02 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:57 (PKT)20:14 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
15 May 202203:51 (PKT)05:07 (PKT)12:02 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:58 (PKT)20:15 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
16 May 202203:50 (PKT)05:07 (PKT)12:02 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:58 (PKT)20:15 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
17 May 202203:49 (PKT)05:06 (PKT)12:02 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)18:59 (PKT)20:16 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
18 May 202203:48 (PKT)05:05 (PKT)12:02 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)19:00 (PKT)20:17 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
19 May 202203:47 (PKT)05:05 (PKT)12:02 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)19:00 (PKT)20:18 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
20 May 202203:46 (PKT)05:04 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)19:01 (PKT)20:19 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
21 May 202203:46 (PKT)05:04 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:44 (PKT)19:02 (PKT)20:20 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
22 May 202203:45 (PKT)05:03 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:45 (PKT)19:02 (PKT)20:21 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
23 May 202203:44 (PKT)05:03 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:45 (PKT)19:03 (PKT)20:22 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
24 May 202203:43 (PKT)05:02 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:45 (PKT)19:04 (PKT)20:23 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
25 May 202203:43 (PKT)05:02 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:45 (PKT)19:04 (PKT)20:24 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
26 May 202203:42 (PKT)05:01 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:45 (PKT)19:05 (PKT)20:24 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
27 May 202203:41 (PKT)05:01 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:45 (PKT)19:06 (PKT)20:25 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
28 May 202203:41 (PKT)05:00 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:45 (PKT)19:06 (PKT)20:26 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
29 May 202203:40 (PKT)05:00 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:45 (PKT)19:07 (PKT)20:27 (PKT)00:03 (PKT)
30 May 202203:40 (PKT)05:00 (PKT)12:03 (PKT)15:46 (PKT)19:08 (PKT)20:28 (PKT)00:04 (PKT)
31 May 202203:39 (PKT)04:59 (PKT)12:04 (PKT)15:46 (PKT)19:08 (PKT)20:28 (PKT)00:04 (PKT)

Purpose of Namaz

The principle of Namaz is to make sure every Muslims maintain their faith and devotion to Allah, to increase taqwa and to remain conscious of the importance of faith and submission to their Creator.

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