#KarachiKiKahani: People Fume On Twitter Over Shabby Situation Of City

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

28th Dec, 2020. 08:21 pm
#KarachiKiKahani: People Fume On Twitter Over Shabby Situation Of City

Karachi faces both administrative and political problems. More than that, the city was in the grip of various mafias. Apart from law and order, basic amenities like electricity, water, gas were also lacking, all the major civic institutions failed to solve the problems due to their negligence and incompetence.

The city was turned to rubble. Politically, Karachi residents faced difficulties in finding jobs on the city’s domicile. Locals are not getting jobs from grade one to grade fifteen.

With the passage of time, mafias started occupying valuable lands and it is not so easy to get rid of them. Because of these mafias, no problem of Karachi has been solved yet. Forty years old mass transit problem has become greater.

Experts say that there is no problem of water supply in Karachi, the problem is in the water distribution system. There are 38 big and 500 small drains in Karachi which the Sindh government has failed miserably to clean. The local government is equally responsible for this mess.

The Supreme Court had handed over the task of cleaning drains and removing encroachments to the NDMA. About twenty years ago, the World Bank proposed a flood and rainwater drainage system.

The solution to Karachi’s problems lies in a strong local government system. Now is also the time for the Sindh government and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to implement the 18th Amendment. Also review and implement the clause under which financial, political and administrative powers are transferred to local governments.

The Prime Minister himself arrived in Karachi a few days ago to announce the biggest development package in the history of Karachi. PM announces Rs 1100 billion development package for Pakistan’s economic hub, also known as Karachi Transformation Plan but so far citizens of Karachi haven’t witnessed a single ray of hope of change.

With the onset of cold weather in Karachi, gas pressure dropped and unannounced load-shedding started, making it difficult for domestic consumers.

Consumers are forced to buy electric stoves and heaters, which has pushed up the prices of these appliances.

Fed up with the no performance of the federal and provincial governments on Karachi’s dilapidated infrastructure and local government issues, and tired of the political war, the citizens of Karachi started raising their voices on Social media platforms #KarachiKiKahani is trending on Twitter.



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