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Female RJ Resigns From Samaa After Claims of Alleged Harassment

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07th Sep, 2018. 07:45 pm
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Female RJ Resigns From Samaa After Claims of Alleged Harassment

The fruits of justice were enjoyed by Tehreem Muneeba, a victim of workplace harassment at Samaa FM, after 2 years of battle against her perpetrators. After 2 years of battle, the seven culprits at Samaa who had instigated the predicament faced by Miss Muneeba were finally charged with Rs. 100,000 each. Interestingly, the person who finally showed his face in this case was none other than the PM’s focal person, Fahad Haroon.

Miss Muneeba brought the attention of the courts to Haroon who had delayed her case constantly and played dumb during all this time. Miss Muneeba had told her boss at the time, Haroon, about what she was going through. Instead of taking corrective measures to bring down the accused, Haroon sent Miss Muneeba on an indefinite leave of absence. Moreover, during his testimony, Haroon concealed important details and told the jury that there were no CCTV cameras installed in the Samaa offices.

Speaking of her experience at Samaa, she called it a “male-dominated environment.” Miss Muneeba still has to face the defamation charges levied against her by Samaa for the amount of Rs. 500 million. Even though she worked at Samaa FM for 5 years, this is the sad predicament that faces a female host who was only doing her rightfully assigned job. 

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