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Nasir Khanjan Responds to Samaa TV Anchor’s Rude Behavior During Morning Show

Muhammad NomanWeb Editor

08th May, 2019. 07:37 pm
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Nasir Khanjan Responds to Samaa TV Anchor’s Rude Behavior During Morning Show

A culture or norm is meant to bring people with similar interests and traditions together in a harmonious fashion. It is not meant to ridicule those that are different from the rest of society. When we talk about artists and people that are admired by the nation, this statement holds exceptionally valid. The case of Nasir Khan Jan was hurtful to most when he was made to feel insecure and insulted on live television at Samaa TV’s morning show, ‘Naya Din’.

During the interview, Host Muhammad Shoaib hurled offensive comments and subtle obscenities are the social media sensations at regular intervals. The beloved social media star smirked as he received offensive terms such as ‘vulgar’ and knowing him, kept his cool. When Nasir Khan tried to explain himself, he was cut off and told to calm down which followed more offensive comments.

An artist shouldn’t ever be made to feel this way. Everyone has a different way to express themselves. A particular case which was brought up was the viral video in which Nasir Khan was dancing in his bathroom in his towel. Samaa TV totally disowned all forms of etiquette and dignity and lashed out at Nasir Khan on live television. Nasir Khan took to social media his feelings during the interview which were nothing short of pain and contempt.

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