Erdogan warns that Turkey will continue deporting IS fighters

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12th Nov, 2019. 07:49 pm
Gallup International Survey says that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been declared as the most popular Muslim political leader in the world.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Western power that turkey will continue releasing members of Islamic state, whether they accept their people or not, BOL News learned.

According to details, Erdoan had warned western countries including United States that he would continue to release people who were thought to be members of the Islamic State and send them back to their home countries if governments continued to pressure Turkey with sanctions.

He was speaking to reporters on Tuesday shortly before leaving Ankara for a visit to the United States, Mr. Erdogan was mostly aiming the remarks at the European Union, which has proposed a system for imposing sanctions on Turkey over its unauthorized gas drilling in the eastern Mediterranean.

The comments came a day after Turkey said it had begun deporting Islamic State fighters it had captured, starting a program to repatriate the detainees that has strained ties with European countries.

Take them or do not take!

Erdogan also took a tough line toward an American detainee who was deported by the Turkish authorities on Monday and became stranded at the Greek-Turkish border after being turned back by the Greek border police.

 Turkish officials said on Monday that the American, who has not been identified, is an Islamic State fighter who was captured last month in northeastern Syria.

Turkey requires help from EU for the immigrants

“We have started returning Daesh (ISIS) members to their countries and of course there is a serious rush, things are flaring up,” Mr. Erdogan told reporters, He added that the onus had been on Turkey to handle the exodus of Islamic State fighters from Syria, and that now their home countries must decide what to do.

“It does not concern us if they are stuck at the border or not,” Mr. Erdogan said, referring to the American detainee. “We will continue sending them, so if they take them or do not take them doesn’t really concern us.”

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