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No need to visit doctor for sore throat

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

17th Nov, 2019. 06:43 pm
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With the advent of winter, inflammation of the throat also begins, follow these home remedies and the throat will cure automatically within 3 days.

With the advent of cold, throat loss is one of common disease and a story of every home.

Due to which doctors have to suffer for several days but rest is too late.

With climate change, if you have sore throat or inflammation, not just drinking becomes difficult but swallowing food can also be extremely painful.

throat pain

Not only this, the inflammation of the throat compels the human to change his crotch on the bed for several days.

The best homemade recipe is that it is extremely beneficial to drink hot water in every two hours in case of sore throat.

But if you are tired of drinking hot water, use herbal tea bags.

herbal tea


In addition, drink herbal tea in every two hours; herbal tea is extremely beneficial and the best tried home remedy for sore throat.


herbal tea

Along with this is another homemade prescription that is extremely beneficial for sore throat, after eating, grind four to five grains of black pepper and mix it with a teaspoon of Desi Ghee and drink it.

This will cause immediate relief of sore throat.

If Desi Ghee is not available then real honey can also be used.


black pepper

This useful version also corrects the sound.

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