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Another Low Record of Japan’s birth rate in 2019

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

26th Dec, 2019. 03:12 pm
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Japan Birth Rate

The demographic crisis of Japan is becoming worse since the fast-graying country has hit another decline in its population. 2019 is ending up with giving Japan a low birth record as per the statistics.
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare presented a report on Tuesday that clearly mentions a huge decline in the birth rate. The report appraised number of babies who were born in 2019 declined to 864,000.
From 2018 the estimated number of newborn babies has shrunk by 54,000. Moreover, for the fourth year, this figure will remain under the mark of 1 Million.
In 2019, deaths hit a high postwar record found out to be 1.376 million, showing a decline of 512,000 of a natural population. It is the highest rate until now.
Japan has regarded as a “super-aged” nation. This reflects more than 20% population of Japan is older than 65. Its total population in 2018 was 124 million, it is anticipated to be 88 million by 2065.
The decline in Japan’s demographic reflects a shrinking workers’ cohort which is supporting the rising elderly population who requires pensions and healthcare.
The fertility rates decline is not the only experience of Japan. However, Germany is also regarded as a “super-aged” nation. It is estimated that the UK, US, France and Singapore will also earn this status by 2030.
Furthermore, South Korea also comes in the list of struggling with the population aging challenge along with low birth rates and a shrinking workforce. The year 2018 reflects the country’s highest decline rate for fertility so far.
The US fertility rate for the year 2018 was found out to be 1.72. Conversely, the African countries that reflect the highest number for fertility across the world would again go up to 5 or 6.

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