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MPs play their role in protecting children’s rights, Dr Arif Alvi

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

12th Dec, 2019. 08:39 pm
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president arif alvi

President Arif Alvi said, parliamentarians should play their role in protecting children’s rights.

Addressing an important event regarding World Human Rights Day,which was observed on December 10,  President Dr. Arif Alvi said, Indian forces in occupied Kashmir are dealing with children through pallet guns and physical, sexual and economic exploitation of children is extremely painful.

President Arif Alvi said, there are laws regarding the protection of children, but they have problems in implementation.

Dr Arif Alvi said that parents should build confidence in their children so that they can be aware of all their problems. There is a need to develop community-based strategies to protect children’s rights and address problems.

Dr Arif Alvi also said, the situation in occupied Kashmir is mournful and sad. One thousand people have been martyred.

Mothers are widows and children orphaned, it is a duty of every human to highlight these atrocities.

President Arif Alvi urges members of parliament (MPs) to play a role in raising awareness in society to protect children’s rights and prevent violence against them.

It may be recalled that the President expressed his anger at children being harassed in a private TV program yesterday.

Arif Alvi said that private TV channels program harassing children in their shows, which is extremely inappropriate, because these children are already mentally and physically exhausted۔

According to the President، Calling them in television shows is also inappropriate and unfair.

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