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Why Did YouTube Crack Down on Crypto Channels?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

26th Dec, 2019. 04:13 pm
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YouTube Crack Down

In case you are following Crypto Twitter from the past 48 hours, then you might have heard about many You-tubers plight highlighting the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin spaces.
However, earlier this week, if you have missed the memo, many content creators and influences of the industry have stated that numerous videos about cryptocurrency development space have been removed. The famous Bitcoin price analyst, Sunny Decree and crypto programmer turned-educator “Ivan on Tech.”
The last update by NewsBTC regarding this issue, over the prior day, these content creators prospecting are getting even worse. In fact, now some YouTubers are stating that they are even restricted to post a video over a week. Additionally, some such as “Nugget News” Alex Saunders has mentioned that sooner his channel would also be deleted from the platform of Youtube, and he is receiving two strikes for content per day.

DO you know?
In fact, some of the biggest cryptocurrency space-based channels such as “DataDash” channel run by Nicholas Merten having 328,000 subscribers which made him the most followed cryptoyoutuber save fo Andreas Antonopoulos has also been impacted.
Furthermore, a lawyer at Ethereum dispersed finance upstart Compound Finance also weighed in on this issue. He said the there is something of crackdown related to “potential violations of Securities Act § 17(b),” this is a law the makes influencers to rightly reveal the compensation they have got for securities promotion.
This is making sense since a large number of content creators for cryptocurrency have promoted the starting coin offering and various altcoins which might be considered as securities-esque.
“Chico Crypto” and Eric Crown also started discussing prospective forced censorship of such videos by a specific individuals’ group. Also, “mass flagging” has also become a subject matter of discussion and campaigns to take down crypto and Bitcoin videos. Even though it is still vague whether there is a certain group who intends to grab attention by making false buzz regarding the reason for Youtube crackdown.

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