Chinese ambassador writes article ‘A Good Neighbour Is A Blessing’

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

04th Feb, 2020. 09:28 pm
Chinese Ambassador

Yao Jing, Chinese diplomat currently serving as Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan wrote an article for Pakistan “A Good Neighbour Is A Blessing”, published in a  People’s Daily newspaper of China.

People’s Daily is one of the most influential newspapers in China, the article published to express the Chinese people’s heartfelt appreciation for the timely support from Pakistan as it has always given in every crucial time.

“China and Pakistan are only one mountain apart. The two peoples are intimate and share the friendship of “iron brothers”. China-Pakistan relations are as solid as a rock, which is the result of long-term cultivation from weals and woes the two governments and peoples have been through,” the ambassador highlights at the very beginning of the article, according to China Economic Net.

The Chinese ambassador further elaborates on the timely aids the two neighbours have provided to each other when one is in need.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi says, Pakistan stands with China to tackle deadliest Coronavirus

In 2008, when the Wenchuan Earthquake hit China, Pakistan sent all the tents to the disaster area immediately. In order to save space, the accompanying medical team took down the seats on the plane and sat on the ground all the way.

In 2010, Pakistan was hit by a flood, and China sent aid to the most dangerous remote areas.

In Yemen’s foreign nationals evacuation in 2015, Chinese warships helped evacuate 176 Pakistani citizens and Pakistani warships assisted in the evacuation of 8 Chinese students from the port of Mukalla. The commander of the Pakistani warship issued an order that “our warship will not leave till the last Chinese student arrives.”

“This year, when China is abruptly hit by the novel coronavirus and all the Chinese nation, governments at all levels, hospitals, institutions, are exhausting themselves to fight against the ruthless virus, our neighbour Pakistan is still here backing us,” Yao writes.

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