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Coronavirus: What Astrologers are predicting about COVID 19?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

17th Mar, 2020. 11:31 pm
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Coronavirus Astrologers

The Coronavirus outbreak globally has led to astrologers predicting various things about the COVID-19 and when the across the world situation will get back to normal. International media reported that an astrologer Arik Xander has sais that he has deeply studied the Coronavirus chart. The astrologer claims that as the planet Venus is in conjunction with the south node which is the collective fate is in Capricorn. This hints at a lot of sufferings. He also pointed out that the outbreak of coronavirus came to limelight when various planets were positioned in the house of Capricorn.

The astrologer added that the 11th astrological house currently has Capricorn which is an indication of the spread of the virus. Arik Xander states that the world’s population had failed to keep themselves away from materialistic elements and suggest that in order to control the Moon has to be better placed and has to be positioned in Aquarius.

Another astrologer, Ashish Mehta has said in his video message that the coronavirus situation across the world will get better after March 24.

An Indian astrologer claims that the conditions will be better after March 30.

“I always take astrology with a pinch of salt but this time, I really, really want it to be true,” says one sceptic after listening to the video.


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