Kareena Kapoor Got Angry at Fan asking for a Photo

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

14th Mar, 2020. 10:18 pm
Kareena Kapoor Angry

Kareena Kapoor was caught “misbehaving” and being “arrogant” with a fan on Holi. The actress received backlash on social media for her arrogant behavior.

Dressed in white for Holi celebrations, Kareena was spotted with her son Taimoor Ali Khan outside their residence.

Several fans were waiting outside to take a picture and wished them Happy Holi. Along with press, many fans wanted a glimpse of Kareena and Taimur—but things went all wrong.

In the clip, Kareena was seen going ou of the building and her fans followed her.. After one of them seems to invade Kareena’s personal space, the actor is seen saying something to her, but stops and poses for a picture with them anyway. Kareena walks away immediately after they took picture with her.

A lot of people did not like Kareena’s behavior as the comments section of the post was flooded with angry reactions.

“My goodness…Look at her attitude. Very bad… No doubt why bebo is regarded as one of the most arrogant actresses in Bollywood,” one person wrote.

“She will learn biggest lesson of life once she reaches a stage where she would be deprived of this beauty and fame,” wrote another.

“Why to give importance to such so called stars, forget about clicking photos she didn’t even bother to smile”,

A lot of other did not find anything wrong in Kareena’s act

“Don’t they have the right to lead a normal day with their kids…. some fans should really know to draw the line,” wrote one

“If someone doesn’t want to click pics with you then don’t run after her as simple as that..true fans respect privacy! Before judging any celeb learn to think from their perspective”, another said

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