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Maria B and husband criticized on social media for their actions

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

25th Mar, 2020. 05:54 pm
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Maria B

Pakistan’s renowned fashion designer Maria. B posted a video on her facebook in which she explained the incident of her husband’s arrest.

Earlier Maria B shared video message on social media in which she appealed to PM Imran Khan to take notice of the raid at her house. Famous fashion designer Maria B in a video message condemned the raid at her house in which police arrested her husband.

“Last night they raided my house like I was the biggest drug mafia don,” Maria said in the video.

The police arrested Saeed from his house as an FIR was r4egistered against him for hiding the test results of his cook and sending him to his village.

Police said that the servant met many people while on his way back home and in his village Karam Pur. The entire village will now have to be quarantined due to criminal negligence of Tahir Saeed.


As people starting bashing Tahir Saeed’s actions and being irresponsible,  Maria and Tahir posted a video clarification of the entire event, which in Tahir’s words, “is pure panic, especially at a time when the Prime Minister is urging people to not panic.”

He labelled the police raid at his house as “abuse and harassment” .

Suppose we were to test positive for COVID-19 which we haven’t – we both tested negative – are we criminals for it?” said Maria,

“My cook went to Vehari at a time when the pandemic had not hit Punjab and he came back on March 11. Around March 18, he complained of some symptoms, so I got Chughtai Lab to come over and run a test for him which came positive,” Maria added.

Both of them defended their decision of sending their cook back to his village. “We gave him proper directives, asking him to not travel in public transport. We even gave him extra money for that. He was to travel with his brother. We also made sure he had a spare room he could quarantine in,” they said.

A lot of people criticized their action of sending their servant to his village without taking any precautionary measures.

Some people labelled this whole incident as double standards by government.

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