TikTok Salt Challenge Dare users to Pour Salt Down their Throats

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

02nd Mar, 2020. 07:09 pm
TikTok Salt Challenge

Tiktok Salt Challenge a dangerous and repulsive trend emerged on TikTok. In the challenge people are soaring a lot of salt directly in their mouth.  We have seen many strange and dangerous trends on the internet like this one. The most dangerous of them was “Skull breaker challenge”. In the Salt Challenge users pour huge amount of salt in their mouth and invite others to do the same. Filling mouth with this much amount of salt can be extremely dangerous apart from being disgusting.

In a video a TikTok user poured salt in his mouth and gagged before spitting out and captioned his video “Someone else try this”

TikTok Salt Challenge

Another TikTok user Jonathan also gave  a try to the Salt Challenge. He captioned his video “Salt challenge! This was disgusting.”

TikTok Salt Challenge

Health experts are recommending people to avoid participating in this challenge as it can have severe consequences on your health. Gulping down so much salt can poison a person. Huge amount of salt entering your body can cause dizziness, thirst, vomiting and nausea. It can also put you in coma and sometimes can be fatal.

Eating too much salt also affects your blood pressure and can also cause cardiovascular disorder such as headache, high blood pressure, kidney diseases and even a stroke.

Dr Simran Deo at UK-based online doctor Zava, said: “As a doctor  I would strongly recommend that people do not participate in this activity. Eating too much salt is very bad for your health both immediately and in the long run”.

“If you think someone has swallowed too much salt, encourage them to drink water. Call the emergency services if they stop breathing, have a seizure or lose consciousness.

Health experts recommends limiting your salt intake to around one teaspoon a day



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