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Coronavirus: Austrian MMA fighter embraces Islam

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

21st Apr, 2020. 01:06 am
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Coronavirus: Austrian MMA fighter embraces Islam

37 years old Austrian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Wilhelm Ott has embraced Islam, saying that the prevailing situation of coronavirus pandemic drove him to discover his “true faith.”

He shared a video on Instagram in which he announced that he accepted Islam and converted to  Muslim by reciting the Kalima Shahada which is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Kalima Shahada is the proclamation of faith for Muslims and also affirming of oneness of Allah and acknowledging Muhammad (PBUH) as messenger of Allah.

He wrote with the video he posted on his Instagram account “The corona crisis has given me the necessary rest to find my faith. My faith is now strong enough that I can recognize the one true God and recite the Shahada to be able to say proudly, yes I am a Muslim.”

In another post he wrote “weeks before I pronounced the shahada, I injured myself every day. Once I even had to go to the hospital to have my hand sewn. On the 15th day i had no misfortune. That day i pronounced the shahada and became a proud muslim. Allahu ekbar. Sheitan is everywhere, be careful.”

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