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Iran launches its first military satellite into orbit

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

22nd Apr, 2020. 09:19 pm
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Iran has launched its first military satellite into an orbit on Wednesday (April 22).

According to the details, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards force said that they have introduced the country’s first military satellite.

The Revolutionary Guards force also said that the messenger carrier was used to launch the Noor satellite.

State TV said, “Iran’s first military satellite, Noor, was launched this morning from the central desert of Iran. The launch was successful and the satellite reached orbit.”

The sources said that the satellite orbited the Earth at 425 km, the action is a great success and a new development in the field of space for the country.

100 U.S. troops diagnose with brain injuries from Iran attack

Earlier, United States confirmed that his 34 soldiers has been diagnosed suffering post trauma brain injuries after missile attacks by Iran.

Initially, Trump and other authorities in the US had claim that the attacks had not caused deaths or injuries.

Eleven troops had been treated for concussion symptoms after airstrike in Iraq according to US military. They also said that additional troops had been taken out of Iraq for injuries.

Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman said yesterday that eight service members were taken to the US. They had been taken to Germany before.

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