Military officer hanged for murdering Bangladesh’s Founding President Sheikh Mujib Ur Rehman

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

12th Apr, 2020. 01:58 pm
Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman

Bangladesh has hanged a former army officer for killing country’s independence leader Sheikh Mujib Ur Rehman in 1975, nearly four-and-a-half decades after the incident.

Abdul Majed was hanged in the capital Dhaka after his appeal for presidential clemency was rejected this week.

He was arrested on Tuesday after spending 25 years on the run for the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Rehman was killed during a military coup in 1975, along with most of his family.

His death came just four years after Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan.

Sheikh Hasina – the current Prime Minister is the daughter of Sheikh Mujib Ur Rehman.

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Majed continued to live in the country after the overthrow but it is believed he fled to India in 1996 when Mrs. Hasina was elected Prime Minister.

Her government overturned a law protecting her father’s killers from prosecution, and in 1998 Majed and a dozen other army officers were sentenced to death.

Bangladesh’s Supreme Court upheld the verdict in 2009 and five of the killers were executed soon afterwards.

Masjed was arrested after returning to the country last month.

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