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Apple’s AR glasses: New leaks reveal revolutionary accessibility tech

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

19th May, 2020. 08:15 pm
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Apple’s AR glasses: New leaks reveal revolutionary accessibility tech

Rumors have been circulating for months that Apple is planning to offer augmented reality (AR) glasses to replace the iPhone, and now more details have come to light.

A new leak states that the device will be named Apple Glass and not surprising because Google also named its smart glasses Google Glass.

According to the leak, Apple Glass will be a device similar to the first Apple Watch in which most of the processing work will be done in the user’s iPhone.

Similarly, both lenses of the frame will have a display while Users will not wear sunglasses.

The first Apple Glass will not have a camera on the frame, while the LEDAR sensor can be used to determine distance and span.

This glass can be controlled in different ways, but it is not specified.

The leak also mentions the price, according to which it will be available for  $499 and could possibly be introduced by 2022.

Earlier, in November last year, The Information reported that Apple plans to replace smartphones with smart glasses within a decade, starting with the first device in 2022 and a much better smartphone in 2023.

According to the reports, senior Apple officials say that they are looking at replacing these headsets with the iPhone in ‘barely a decade’.

Apple has not announced any such device, but reports say the details of the two headsets were unveiled at a secret meeting at Apple’s head office in October.

According to participants in the meeting, Apple detailed two devices, with the first device expected to be introduced in 2022, which will be similar to the Oculus Virtual Reality headset, with a high-resolution display, camera and surround maps.

The second device is expected in 2023 to be similar to sunglasses with a slightly thicker frame with a battery and processor.

The glasses will be ready for use throughout the day and will be a breakthrough for Apple’s iPhone replacement device.

The AR hardware project has not been officially introduced by Apple because the company prefers to keep its plans secret.

The idea behind using AR technology is to look at the interface in front of your eyes instead of looking at the phone, just like Apple Maps lets you know the routes around you.

iPhone and some other smartphones are already using AR technology to some extent in the form of software such as SnapChat or Pokemon Go.

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