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China’s new spaceship successfully returns to Earth

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

08th May, 2020. 11:41 pm
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china spaceship

 The space agency of China announced on Friday (May 8) that the country’s new spaceship has successfully returned to Earth.

According to the details, this was the trial version of China’s new-generation manned spaceship.

China Manned Space Agency said in a statement that the return of China’s new-generation successfully landed in the predetermined zone of the Dongfeng landing site.

The statement also said, “The search and rescue squad found the target at the first time and arrived at the landing site for disposal. After confirmation by the site, the cabin structure was intact.”

The test spacecraft was launched into orbit on Tuesday (March 5), it was in orbit for two days and 19 hours.

The space agency also said that it completed a number of space science experiments and technical tests to verify the high-speed reentry of the new generation manned spacecraft return to key technologies.



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