Coronavirus: Another lethal surprise for COVID-19 patients

Coronavirus: Another lethal surprise for COVID-19 patients

Coronavirus: Another lethal surprise for COVID-19 patients

Another fatal revelations came into light that Patients with the new novel coronavirus disease have a higher risk of kidney failure.

This was revealed in a medical study conducted in the United States.

Acute kidney failure, or AKI, is a serious complication in COVID-19 patients that has gone unnoticed and misunderstood, according to research from Northwestern University.

According to the research, the death rate as a result of COVID-19 in patients with kidney failure is 50%.

The researchers said that patients undergoing treatment in hospitals, especially in the ICU, are at risk of AKI,  and the ratio is in between 25 to 30 percent.


Scientists analyzed two recent research reports in China detailing kidney samples from patients who died from COVID-19.

The new study found that the type of AKI seen in CVID-19 patients is more complex and contains a number of elements that are not seen in normal AKI patients.

The results of the study, published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, highlight for the first time the possible mechanism by which the problem of kidney failure can affect patients with COVID-19.

The researchers said the new findings encourage medical staff to pay more attention to the kidneys of COVID-19 patients and gather appropriate information on kidney function and structure, including how AKI can be used in these patients.

He further said that better understanding of this mechanism would help in formulating effective treatment, especially for patients undergoing treatment in the ICU, as most of these patients may need dialysis.

Earlier in April, a study published in the Chinese scientists’ journal Kidney International conducted a post-mortem on 19 people who had died from COVID-19, and found that 9 out of 26 had kidney damage.


Experts  say that there are a number of possible causes that can damage organs and tissues, such as respiratory tract infections, medication use, high fever, stress in ICU admission and excessive activation of immune proteins.

The researchers found that the immune system became more active in fighting infection, resulting in a flood of compounds called cytokines, which, in large quantities, could damage many organs.

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