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Coronavirus: Muslims face discrimination and violence in India

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

06th May, 2020. 06:56 pm
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Coronavirus: Muslim face discrimination and violence in India

Series of incidents reported in different states of India where Muslims were being subjected to discrimination on the basis of their religion during the global pandemic of coronavirus.

Jamshedpur, an industrial town in the state of Jharkhand, where a 30-year-old Muslim woman Rizwana Khatun alleged that she had been verbally and physically abused and faces discrimination because of her religion in a local government hospital.

She claimed that if the hospital staff had not abused her and treated her properly, his child would not have died.

In a letter to Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren, Rizwana Khatun alleged that on April 16, a member of the staff of a local government hospital ‘insulted me by linking me to (my) name and religion and told me that blood It has fallen on the ground, clean it, wherever it is treated, it spreads coronavirus. ‘

“I was slow to clean up my blood that had fallen to the ground because I was not well,” he wrote. My whole body was shaking, meanwhile this woman (staff member) took off her slippers and beat me badly. I was shocked, ” she wrote.

Rizwana also wrote in her letter that “I am sure that if the hospital staff had examined me adequately, my baby would not have died in my womb.”

The Jamshedpur district administration formed a committee on the evening of April 18 to investigate the matter, which included a deputy superintendent of the hospital, an executive magistrate of the district administration and a police officer from the concerned police station.

At the end of March, a lockdown was imposed on 1.3 billion of India to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, amidst this Ghayur Hassan’s Hindu neighbours pelted stones at his family’s home in a northern Indian village and set ablaze  his workshop with fire because his 19 year old son Hassan liked and endorsed a Facebook post which had denounced the targeting of India’s Muslim minority.

Local police have arrested two people since the incident, according to AFP. Police say the men of the family are being further threatened for wearing beards and wearing traditional Muslim hats.

“My ancestors lived here and I was born there,” Ghayur Hassan, 55, a resident of Keorak, a Hindu-majority village in Haryana, told the international news agency..

Hassan, who works as a welder, added: “We used to live here as a family and religion has never been a problem here, but now there is an atmosphere of fear and hatred everywhere.”

The attack on Hassan’s family was occurred as a result of  spreading false information about the coronavirus.

Hindu nationalists, on the other hand, are using the coronavirus to incite hatred against Muslims. These nationalists are using online platforms and some national media to accuse Muslims of spreading the pandemic.

Critics blame Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who claims that he is trying to make India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’  (Hindu state) which is damaging the secular and harmonious nature of the world’s largest democracy.

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