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Domestic abuse case: Johnny Depp’s ex lovers come to his defense

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

15th May, 2020. 11:17 pm
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Johnny Depp Calls Ex-Wife Amber Heard "Calculated Liar"

Two ex lovers of Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, have testified in a lawsuit filed against a British newspaper for writing a false article.

Johnny Depp, best known for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the fantasy film Pirates of the Caribbean, filed a lawsuit in a London court in April 2018 against the British newspaper The Sun for writing a false article.

In the article, The Sun called Johnny Depp a “wife abuser” and wrote about how Johnny Depp tortured his wife.

While Johnny Depp was portrayed as a man who abused his wife, his ex-wife Amber Heard was portrayed as an oppressed woman.

The article was published at that time when the ‘Me Too’ campaign in Hollywood was at its peak.

Following the newspaper’s publication of the article, Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit against the newspaper in a British court, claiming 200,000 euros.

The latest hearing in the case was scheduled for early March, but was postponed due to the lockdown caused by the coronavirus. However, when the case was heard on May 13, two former actors and ex lovers of Johnny Depp, appeared before the court. and submitted statement in favor of him.

The actresses, who had a romantic relationship with Johnny Depp in the past, submitted a statement in her favor on May 13.

According to the report, French-born singer and actress Vanessa Paradis, 47, and American actress and producer Winona Ryder, 48, submitted statements in favor of Johnny Depp.

The statements of both the actors were submitted to the court by Johnny Depp’s lawyers in which both the actresses and singers openly talked about Johnny Depp’s personality, his habits and his character and called him a noble man.

According to the report, singer Vanessa Paradis said that she spent 14 years with Johnny Depp and both of them also raised two children.

Vanessa Paradis said in a statement that she had never seen Johnny Depp angry or violent with her in 14 years.

She claimed that she always found Johnny Depp to be a good father and a loving person.

Similarly, American actress and producer Winona Ryder also spoke in favor of Johnny Depp, saying that he also spent many years with the actor but he never saw the actor in a state of anger.

According to Winona Ryder, she and Johnny Depp had a romantic relationship and they had a good time with happy circumstances. Johnny Depp never raised his hand against her and never abused her in any way.

She said in a statement that she could not accept the allegations made by Johnny Depp’s wife, actress Amber Heard, because Johnny Depp had never treated her like that. The court adjourned the case till July.

After the hearing Amber Heard’s legal team released the statement in which they that they were “happy” that the actor had not treated the two women like he treated “his wife”.

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