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Germany: Church opens doors for Muslim worshipers

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

23rd May, 2020. 09:41 pm
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Germany: Church opens doors for Muslim worshipers

A prime example of “religious harmony and solidarity is seen in the church of the German capital, Berlin, as they provided space to Muslims worshipers for Friday prayers.

Maintaining a social distance of 5 feet inside the mosque caused a shortage of space, after which a nearby church provided space for worshipers to perform their prayers.

Places of worship in Germany were reopened earlier this month.

Hundreds of worshipers gathered for Friday prayers at the Dar-ul-Salaam Mosque in Berlin’s Neuquelin district, but following instructions on social distance, the mosque could only accommodate 50 worshipers.

Demonstrating religious harmony and solidarity, the nearby Martha Lutheran Church hosted Muslim prayers in Arabic and German.

Imam of the mosque Mohammad Taha Sabri appreciated the move and said that when the church administration saw that Muslim worshipers were in trouble because of the social distance, they asked us, “Do you need to pray?” It is a wonderful symbol of solidarity.

“This pandemic has made us a community. Crisis brings people together,” he said.

Church pastor Monica Mathis said she was inspired by the call to prayer.

“I took part in the service, I spoke in German, and during the service, we  learn from something from you and also it’s nice to feel that way about each other,” she said.

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