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Saudi Prince shares his experience of observing Ramadan fast in space

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

01st May, 2020. 12:00 am
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Saudi Prince shares his experience of observing Ramadan fast in space

Saudi Prince Sultan bin Salman  who was the First Arab astronaut has shared his experience of observing Ramadan fast, offering prayers and reciting Quran in space.

The Prince was onboard the American Space Shuttle Discovery as a payload specialist during then he had observed Ramadan fast and offered prayers in space.

Prince Sultan bin Salman spent seven days in space during Ramadan as one of the  seven-member international crew with American and French astronauts.

He recorded his experience in a book 35-years later,in his book the Prince stated “the shuttle was launched on June 17, 1985, which was also the 29th day of Ramadan. Though the late Mufti of the Kingdom Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Baz in a fatwa had exempted him from fasting during his space journey, he went ahead to experience the fast in an unchartered territory.”

Prince Sultan told his experience of the fasting on the first day on the Discovery trip, which was swimming in space at an altitude of 387 kilometers (241 miles) above the surface of the earth.

He said he felt tired, just because of lack of sleep. Under zero-gravity conditions, it is difficult to get a normal full sleep.

Telling about his fast experience in the space the prince said that, though he felt drought and loss of fluid, he completed the day and broke fast with Chinese sweet and sour chicken.
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