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Woman marries man who rescued her in Mass shooting

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

13th May, 2020. 04:46 pm
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Las Vegas Mass Shooting united Rescued Woman and the Rescuer Man

In Las Vegas, mass shooting woman marries a man who rescued her.

Canadian woman and California man who met in 24 hours before they escaped, doing deadly shooting together that have since fallen in love and also married.

On Sept. 30, 2017, Austin Monfort noticed her in country bar. However, two strangers were both in the town for about Route 91 in the Harvest festival in which they have lived three night events featuring the country acts as well as and-coming-artists.Meanwhile, in the second night the festival is winding down and Monfort has thought that he would try his luck and approached her.

“I was with my girls and I gave him a hard time for not wearing cowboy boots at a country bar,” Melanson, 29, tells PEOPLE.

Instead of not to be dissuaded, she also waited before walking up with him at one last time and also asking her to dance. However, at this time she has agreed and the two danced as well as talked for hours then before exchanging their numbers.

“After I got over him not wearing cowboy boots [laughs], I thought he was really nice, handsome and tall,” she says. “He was so easy to talk to, it felt like we knew each other forever.”

Thereby, in the night on the month of October 1, both have texted to join her at the outdoor event for catchup about the last performances before the festivals that had came to a close.

But as country star Jason Aldean enfolded up his show, and a series of loud bangs resonated out from the 32nd floor which is nearby Mandalay Bay hotel. Moreover, 64-year-old man had broken out the window of his hotel room and had started doing firing bullets from high-powered weapons that has covered the crowd of 22,000 concertgoers.

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