Allies are an important part of the government, says PM Imran Khan

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

28th Jun, 2020. 11:52 pm
Allies are an important part of the government, says PM Imran Khan

PM Imran Khan has said that Pakistan is the cheapest petrol selling country in the region.

According to details, a dinner was given by the Prime Minister in honor of the party members and allies. PM Imran Khan took all the members into confidence regarding the approval of the budget while briefing all the government and coalition members about the budget.

The Prime Minister said that the Allies have always been consulted in important decisions, the Allies are an important part of the government, and their concerns will be removed.

Imran Khan also said that the government introduced the idea of ​​smart lockdown to fight against COVID-19, the success of the smart lockdown idea is appreciated by the whole world today.

The Prime Minister directed the government and coalition members to ensure attendance in the National Assembly and said that all members of the Assembly should be present in the House for the approval of the budget tomorrow.

Imran Khan also took confidence in the increase in prices of petroleum products while allaying the concerns of the coalition parties regarding the increase in petrol prices.

He said that a balanced budget has been presented in the current situation, the budget has to be approved in all cases while despite the high price of petrol in the global market, and we have reduced the price.

Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that the budget focused on providing relief to the common man while neither new taxes were imposed in the budget nor additional burden was imposed on the people.

The dinner was attended by PTI members of the National Assembly, Federal Ministers, Advisors, and Special Assistants, members of the party’s Assembly Allies, MQM, Balochistan Awami Party and GDA.

The PM also said that Sometimes people will be happy, sometimes they will be angry, we have to change the condition of the people.

Mahathir mohamad lost the fight against status quo, we are still fighting against it, he added.

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