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Buying and selling blood plasma in Pakistan during COVID-19

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

14th Jun, 2020. 10:49 pm
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Famous religious scholar, Mufti Naeem said that plasma is taken from those whom Allah gives pure health.

According to the details, Mufti Naeem said that it is haram in sharee’ah to benefit from a sick person.

He further said that plasma sellers are doing haram things, avoid selling plasma and fear God. It is not allowed in Islam to take benefits from a sick or poor person.

Mufti Naeem also said that they should give plasma without any profit and money.

Dr Javed Akram thanked BOL News to highlight such an important issue.

He further said that we are ashamed that such a monstrous business is going on in Pakistan. The sale and purchase of plasma is not correct at all.

Dr Javed told BOL News that the plasma business will affect both its quality and quantity. People forget the life after death in a matter of a few bucks.

He said that don’t ask for money in exchange of plasma because not every can afford it and for someone, buying a plasma is like putting him to death۔

Earlier, Head of the National Institute of Blood Diseases (NIBD) Dr Tahir Shamsi has said that National Disaster Management (NDMA) decided to treat coronavirus patients through blood plasma therapy.

Dr Tahir Shami said two lives can be saved via plasma of one recovered patient of coronavirus, adding that the number of novel coronavirus cases are advancing in the country.

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