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Conspiracy theories on coronavirus vaccines are very stupid: Bill Gates

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

05th Jun, 2020. 12:23 am
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Conspiracy theories on coronavirus vaccines are very stupid: Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has denied conspiracy theories that he is using the Coronavirus vaccine to install a tracking microchip inside people and called it stupid.

While talking to media, Bill Gates has said that It’s better to know which children have been vaccinated against measles and which have not. There is a need to set up a medical record system that can help. You have to identify who is safe from the virus, but there is no need to add a microchip in this process.

Bill Gates has been warning of the pandemic for years and in 2015, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates warned in a speech that the greatest threat to humanity was not from nuclear war but from the pandemic virus that would kill millions.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had announced a $300 million donation to fight COVID-19 and the development of a vaccine sparked a debate against the founder of Microsoft and various kinds of rumours were spread.

The rumours say that Bill Gates is behind the creation of this virus and he wants to make a profit through it.

Conspiracy theories about Bill Gates are still circulating on social media and TV, and his name was mentioned 1.2 million times in March and April alone.

A recent poll in the United States found that 28% of Americans still believe in conspiracy theories, 44% of Republicans and 50% of Fox News viewers believe it.

Asked about the survey, Bill Gates called it a matter of concern, saying it would not stop funding from governments and other groups around the world to develop COVID-19 vaccines.

However, he expressed concern about the timing and availability of the vaccine, as well as the anti-vaccine sentiment, saying it would make it harder to obtain herd immunity against the virus, which is only possible when a large population will be protected from the virus so that it cannot spread further.

Bill Gates stressed that when vaccines begin to be developed, they must first be distributed to countries with weak medical systems and difficult to maintain social distance.

The US president has long been criticized by Bill Gates, who recently called the suspension of WHO funding dangerous.

On Wednesday, the Gates Foundation announced that it would spend $250 million to fight the coronavirus, with the bulk of it being spent in Africa and South Asia.

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