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Does Mir Ibrahim want his father Mir Shakil to rot in jail?

Web DeskWeb Editor

15th Jun, 2020. 10:15 pm
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According to the latest updates regarding Media Firon’s bail case, Mir Shakil has finally decided to sell his channels to the respective officials. There are no options left to get the media Firon out from behind the bars.

The news of selling the Media Firon’s channel has created tension and the workers are still in confusion. No one knows if they will be fired from their job, or will they even get their due salaries? But, Media Firon’s son Mir Ibrahim has something else in his mind.

As per details, Mir Ibrahim wants to take over his father’s business to run it. Despite knowing selling Media Firon’s is the last hope to get him out of Pakistan, Mir Ibrahim seems a bit more greedy than his father Mir Shakil. It feels like the student has become the master.



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