Govt announces to make organic Fertilizers from Locusts

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

25th Jun, 2020. 09:41 pm
Govt announces to make organic Fertilizers from Locusts

The Ministry of Food Safety and Research has announced that locusts will be converted into bio-compost Organic Fertilizers.

According to the Ministry of Food Security and Research, locust based organic fertilizers will contain 9% nitrogen and 7% phosphorus. Professionals, experts and civil society will also participate in compost processing.

The statement said that standard fertilizers would be made from locusts and bio-waste and marketing and distribution mechanism would be worked out to promote the use of organic agricultural fertilizers.

Pilot testing will be conducted during locust breeding months in Cholistan and Thar, 50 centres will be designated for a community facility.

The statement said that during the first year of the project, 70,000 tonnes of fertilizer worth Rs 1 billion would be produced from 100,000 tonnes of locusts. Under the project, a family can earn an average of Rs 6,000 per month. The project is in the approval stage. ۔

On the other hand, a comprehensive survey and control operation against locusts is underway in different districts of the country. 988 joint teams are participating in the campaign in the affected areas of 38 districts. A control operation has been carried out on a square kilometre (approximately 21.85 lakh acres). More than 5175 persons and 988 vehicles took part in the survey and control operation.

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Earlier, Federal Minister for Food Security Fakhr Imam sid more locust attacks are feared from Oman, Iran and Africa.

Briefing at the National Locust Control Center (NLCC) Rawalpindi, Fakhr Imam said that the locust attacks has been brought under control in the country.

The federal minister said that for the first time since 1992, Pakistan has witnessed a fatal locust attack. China has provided 4.9 million worth of chemicals to eradicate the locusts.

He said that Rs 14 billion would be funded by the federal government and Rs 12 billion by the four provinces to control the locusts while 5,000 to 8,000 young men of the Pakistan Army were working to eradicate the locusts.

On the occasion, Lieutenant General Moazzam Ijaz, Coordinator, NLCC National, said that the next locust attack would be from Africa and Oman to Pakistan and then to India, while the locust attack would return to these countries from India in November-December.

Lt. Gen. Moazzam Ijaz added that the exchange of information is essential for the eradication of locusts.

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