MQM received funding from Indian spy agency: Muhammad Anwar

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

21st Jun, 2020. 09:51 pm
MQM received funding from Indian spy agency: Muhammad Anwar

The former head of diplomatic wing and Coordination Committee member of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Muhammad Anwar said that the MQM has been receiving funds from the Indian government.

According to the details, he revealed that MQM was receiving the funds from India and Nadeem Nusrat introduced him to an Indian diplomat in early 90’s. It is to be noted that Nusrat was a Coordination Committee member of MQM and now he lives in Washington and runs his own organization.

Anwar has denied to have any connection with the murder of Dr Imran Farooq.

It is the first time that a former senior office-bearer like Anwar has officially accused MQM of being involved with RAW. He has revealed that India’s spy agency was in touch with the party.

He revealed that in the early 90’s Nadeem Nusrat came to him and told him to meet and an Indian Diplomat but he refused to speak to any Indian diplomat.

Later, I got convinced and asked Nusrat to come with me, Anwar said.

He also said that Nusrat went with him but stood outside and he refused to talk to the diplomat without Nusrat so, they called Nusrat and it was the first interaction with an Indian diplomat.

Anwar further said that the MQM-Pakistan is now projecting themselves as holier but he said that the Karachi based leadership was involved in the destruction in the city and large-scale killings.

He added that he can share the details with authorities about the deeds of Karachi-bases leadership who are now so-called civilized leaders that you see on TV these days.

Anwar said that Altaf Hussain suspended Dr Imran Farooq humiliate him but I respected him a lot. We had differences over policy matters and I stood by merit in the party.

He also said that Dr Imran was consistent in his political beliefs and didn’t like U-turns.

Muhamad Anwar said that he would cooperate with the experts in Pakistan and the UK if needed.

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