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Police fire tear gas as healthcare workers joined protests in France

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

17th Jun, 2020. 01:05 pm
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Police fire tear gas as healthcare workers joined protests in France

French police fired tear gas during protests led by healthcare workers in Paris. They demanded more investment in the health system.

Journalists reported that doctors, nurses, and administrative staff protested and marched peacefully in Paris and other cities as they demanded the government to refurbish the hospital system in response to coronavirus pandemic.

However, protesters burned a vehicle and bombarded the police with projectiles when they arrived in front of the Les Invalides complex in Paris. They shouted, “everybody hates the police.” Police fired tear gas in response to the attack. Police also arrested 16 people.

Police headquarters in Paris tweeted, “Violent groups are trying to escalate tensions at the peaceful demonstration held by healthcare workers,”

Healthcare workers complained about low salaries and fewer staff at French hospitals.

Latifa, a nurse who works at a hospital in southern city Grenoble, said, “We were portrayed as superheroes because we worked overtime and protected our patients without enough equipment. We were promised hirings and funding but we haven’t seen any of it,”

Home carer Amelie Membanda, who has a three-year-old boy and also works in Grenoble, said, “Every day I had a knot in my stomach from the fear of bringing the virus home,”

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