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Twitter brawl between Zulfi Bukhari and Sherry Rehman

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

08th Jun, 2020. 09:07 pm
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Twitter brawl between Zulfi Bukhari and Sherry Rehman

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistan Syed Zulfi Bukhari and Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Sherry Rehman blamed each other on Twitter for conducting coronavirus test on Pakistanis returning from abroad.

The war of words between Zulfi Bukhari and Sherry Rehman began when Sherry Rehman claimed on Twitter that the federal government are not conducting coronavirus test of Pakistanis returning from abroad.

Sherry said, “Is this why u have officially allowed all passengers from incoming international flights to enter borders, go home, without any testing? 21 % of cases r from outside. This is a policy now. Tell me it’s not true? It will make Pakistan the new home, a breeding ground for coronavirus.

Zulfi Bukhari responded to Sherry Rehman’s tweet that the information was incorrect and only 6% of cases are from passengers coming from outside.

Zulfi said, “Stop stigmatising helpless overseas Pakistanis returning home under such harsh conditions for petty political gains. Misinformation is already leading you to disaster.”


The next day, Sherry Rehman started another series of tweets.

She said, “Amazed that a crucial testing requirement at international borders is positioned as “stigmatising” the poor overseas Pakistanis left stranded for months without resources. This has become the PTI norm, not able to address facts on the ground, so deflect narrative and attack.”



Zulfi Bukhari once again responded by releasing some pictures of the passengers in which they were shown giving samples for testing at the airport.

He wrote, “misinformation part2: pics from a flight that arrived last night the Only service PPP has provided to nation consistently is lying to divert attention from their blunders. Time to stop that & concentrate on ppl of Sindh instead.”

Zulfi Bukhari added that it was time to stop blaming overseas Pakistanis for spreading the COVID-19 and focus on the people of Sindh.


Note that the number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan had crossed one lakh yesterday, after which a war of words broke out between Zulfi Bukhari and Sherry Rehman while the Sindh government and the federal government were accusing each other of negligence.

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