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What significance does 11:11 have?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

25th Jun, 2020. 09:36 pm
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Many of you must have seen this 11:11 number in many movies or as a tattoo on many celebrities’ wrists. Recently, this 11:11 concept was shown in Pakistani movie Teefa in Trouble, where Maya Ali believed any wish can come true if you see 11:11 popping anywhere.

Hollywood actress Jennifer Anniston is also a believer of 11:11 that she has tattooed the number on her wrist. But what actually does this 11:11 mean? Let’s find out

Many numerologists believe that events relating to the 11:11 times appear more frequently than can be explained by chance or coincidence. That belief is related to the synchronicity concept. Some writers say the 11.11 indicate a presence of the spirit. Some, seeing 11:11 is an auspicious sign and the numbers have magical powers themselves.

There are many different explanations on the significance of 11:11, here are the 5 most believed ones.


The first thing you should do when you see a synchronic number is to stop for a moment and become aware of what thoughts or actions you are engaged in at that very time. Apply a heightened awareness to your present environment, such as the song that plays within your hearing, or the simple beauty of a smile or the natural world.

New Beginnings:

11:11 is a sequence for the activation of numbers. One theory holds that it represents a potential for profound realization if you see 11,111 or 1111 on a clock; The universe provides a very strong moment in which the thoughts manifest with a degree of speed and efficiency that has never been felt before.

Digital Time Code:

Within the same premise, this theory encapsulates several theories. 11:11 Activates your DNA and opens the subconscious mind by consciously seeing the digital numbers and remembering why the brain was programmed to remember the 11:11 meaning.


Many that deal directly with the Angelic Realm (and it’s energy) hold fast to the belief that if you see the numbers 11, 11:11, 111, or 1111 constantly then you experience Angelic contact. The most popular way angels communicate is said to be through the universal language of numbers and music.

Spiritual Purpose:

11:11 provides an opportunity for you to focus on your spiritual intent to be here.


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