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Zara Noor Abbas faces criticism for saying fairness cream ads doesn’t promote racism

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

02nd Jun, 2020. 07:23 pm
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Zara Noor Abbas Dons Animal Print With Panache

Famous Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas face the criticism on social media site Instagram over her supportive remarks on fairness creams,

According to the details, she posted a video of black kid and then she received the criticism on that as she has supported fairness creams, people are saying it her hypocrisy.

She wrote on her insta post, “Imagine. Our kids. People we know. Go through this. Every day of their life. Just because of their skin color. Then adds up their societal balance of class. Bank account. Assets. They have to fight for the basics such as breathing. Racism is a war. Not a threat to humanity. Its a war that we have to fight against so much so that we have to re-invent, re-grow, re-think every thought and idea about classism. Differences. Sexism. Everything. NO ONE DESERVES THIS. #Everylifematters”

It is to be noted that a conversation on institutionalized racism came into the light after Americans march around the world.

Many Pakistani actresses have been worked in fairness creams advertisements and people are criticizing them over their endorsements.

Zara Noor Abbas also faced the criticism after she posted the video of African-American girl’s speech on her struggle on the basis of her dark skin tone.

Zara Noor Abbas

A social media user taunted her and said, “Really liked your fairness cream add.” then the debate started on it.

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