5 Things you should avoid this rainy season

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

06th Jul, 2020. 07:11 pm
Rain wind-thundershower to hit northern areas today

Monsoon season is always exciting for Pakistanis. The little drops of rain refresh everyone’s life and make them happy. Every person has a different way of enjoying the weather, some like to go for a walk in the pouring rain and some like to have some hot tea while watching the rain.

Keeping COVID-19 and how it has affected lives in mind, there are many things people cannot do during the rainy day, which somehow, is better in many ways.

Here are 5 things that everyone should avoid during this rainy season.

Street Food:

Without any doubt, rain and street food like pakoras or samosas is the best combination but it can badly affect your health. Try to avoid eating such food from the local vendors and enjoy the homemade snacks with a hot cup of tea and enjoy the season to the fullest.

Long Drive:

You may want to go out during the heavy pour and enjoy the iconic weather in your car, but there are many people who think exactly like you. Going on a drive during this monsoon reason will be a bad idea to enjoy the weather, as you will be sitting in your car, waiting for the traffic jam to get clear.

A Walk:

Try not to go on a walk while it is raining. There can be many potholes on the road. You can fall into them or can hurt your foot.

Sea Food:

Monsoon is the breeding season for fish and prawns so this time of year they ‘re better avoided. Hang on to chicken and mutton to satisfy your need for non-vegetarian food.

Electric Poles:

Avoid using the path which has electric poles if you are on foot. God forbids there can be electrocution. Many people had died after being electrocuted the previous year.


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