British Airways to retire all its Boeing 747 aircraft due to reduction in air travel

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

17th Jul, 2020. 11:16 pm
British Airways to retire all its Boeing 747 aircraft due to reduction in air travel

British Airways has announced the retirement of all its Boeing 747 aircraft due to a severe reduction in air travel.

The British airline owns 31 Boeing 747 aircraft, the largest number of any aircraft in the world.

A British Airways spokesman told the BBC that they were deeply saddened to confirm that they were discontinuing their entire fleet of Boeing 747.

Travel bans on coronavirus have severely affected the business of airlines around the world.

British Airways is owned by the International Airlines Group (IAG). The IAG has said that the use of these aircraft will be stopped immediately. The Boeing 747 accounts for 10% of British Airways‘ fleet of passenger planes.

  •  The first flight of the Boeing 747 took place in February 1969.
  •  It was the first aircraft to be named the Jumbo Jet.
  •  British Overseas Airways Cooperation (BOAC), the predecessor of British Airways, operated the first flight of the 747 from London to New York in 1971.
  •  It was the fastest commercially used aircraft with a maximum speed of 650 miles per hour.
  •  In the last 50 years, three and a half billion passengers travelled in these planes.
  •  In 1989, it was the first plane to fly directly from London to Sydney.

The IAG was supposed to end the use of these aircraft in 2024, but due to the current situation, this decision has been made at this time.

About 500 Boeing 747s are still in use, according to the air travel data collection firm Cerium, of which 30 are being used on regular passenger flights. In addition, more than 300 are being used for freight or cargo flights, while the rest are in warehouses for potential use.

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