Citizens should stay away from electricity poles and PMTs, says K Electric

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

06th Jul, 2020. 11:51 pm
K Electric's unannounced loadshedding continues

A spokesman for Electric said citizens should stay away from broken wires, power poles and PMTs.

According to details, a spokesman for Electric, a private power company in Karachi, has issued a warning that unsafe use of electrical appliances such as water motors in rain and standing water could lead to accidents.

A spokesman for K-Electric said that before the rains, K-Electric had taken significant steps to improve the system, including earthing and grounding, as well as geo-tagging of HT and LT poles.

The spokesman also said that all these measures are aimed at further improving K-Electric’s system before the rains, while Electric’s mobile teams are always engaged in timely relief measures related to electricity.

Spokesman Electric said that protection of human lives has been the top priority and hoped that the city government and relevant agencies would immediately drain the water in case of rains.

KE wrote on Twitter, “Heavy rains and windy conditions expected from today in Karachi and surrounding areas. Please keep children indoors and ensure safety measures are followed. #staysafe #HumAapHain”

The spokesman for Electric also said that caution should be exercised in case of rains as obtaining electricity from illegal sources is fatal.

A spokesman for Electric added that before or during the rains, customers should contact 118 call centers or social media platforms immediately in case of any complaints.

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