Famous Rapper, Andy Cartwright’s chopped up body found inside fridge

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

31st Jul, 2020. 10:40 pm
Famous Rapper, Andy Cartwright's chopped up body found inside fridge

The mystery of the death of the famous Ukrainian Rapper, Andy Cartwright has been solved, the killer of the singer has turned out to be none other than his own wife.

His wife and mother-in-law were involved in the murder of the famous Ukrainian pop singer Andy Cartwright, according to a report by a foreign news agency. Police recovered a body from his home refrigerator.

According to the report, the singer’s wife dismembered his body after the murder and then washed his body parts in the washing machine.

The defendant had earlier claimed that Andy had died of an overdose in St. Petersburg, but the autopsy report did not find any drugs in Andy’s body.

During the interrogation, the accused stated that she did not want her fans to know that Andy had died like this.

She dismembered the body of the deceased Rapper and refrigerated it in plastic bags after washing his body parts in the washing machine.

Marina told police that Andy’s body was sewn back and sprinkled with salt. Marina used weapons such as knives and hammers. Washed the apartment after the whole incident.

According to the report, their two-year-old child was also present in the house at the time of the tragic murder.

The accused’s lawyer has denied that the body was washed in a washing machine while the police have registered a case of murder in the case and expanded the scope of the investigation.

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