French President Macron demands Israel to abandon West Bank annexation plan

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

10th Jul, 2020. 08:22 pm
French President Macron demands Israel to abandon West Bank annexation plan

French President Emmanuel Macron has demanded Israel to refrain from its plan to annex Palestinian land to the West Bank.

According to the details, a statement from the French president’s office said that a telephone conversation had taken place between Emmanuel Macron and Benjamin Netanyahu in which the French president stressed that any such move would be against the international law and would jeopardize the possibility of a two-state solution for lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

It should be noted that Benjamin Netanyahu is being pressured by European leaders to abandon the plan to annex the West Bank.

The controversial move was also endorsed by US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan.

Despite opposition from the Palestinians and the international community, the Israeli prime minister presented a plan for integration with the occupied West Bank from July 1.

This week, Egypt, France, Germany and Jordan warned Israel that its plan to annex part of the Palestinian territories to the west bank could have a negative impact on bilateral relations.

According to a statement issued by the German Foreign Ministry, the foreign ministers of the two countries discussed ways to resume talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Apart from Egypt, France, Germany and Jordan, other European countries are also opposed to Israel’s plan to annex some western parts of Palestine.

Israel–Gaza conflict

Note that peace talks between Israel and Palestine ended in 2014, while Palestine rejected the peace plan presented by Trump.

Palestine and the international community have declared Israeli settlements illegal under the 1949 Geneva Convention, which deals with land occupied during the war, while Israel has Jerusalem as its capital.

A few months ago, US President Donald Trump announced a peace plan for the Middle East, saying that Jerusalem would remain Israel’s “undivided capital”, while the Palestinians would have a capital in East Jerusalem and half of the West Bank.

It should be noted that the peace plan proposed by the United States recognizes Israeli settlements in the West Bank and also imposes a four-year ban on the settlement of new settlements in the West Bank.

The plan also approved the annexation of Israel’s strategically important Jordan Valley, which covers 30 per cent of the West Bank, and the annexation of other ghettos.

In response to the plan, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sent a message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to withdraw from security cooperation under the Oslo Accords.

Mahmoud Abbas had warned the Israeli Prime Minister that Palestine was now free to implement the Oslo Accords.

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