Hajj 2020: Pilgrims reach Jabal Ar Rahma (Mount of Mercy)

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

30th Jul, 2020. 09:26 pm

The pilgrims have reached Jabal Ar Rahma (Mount of Mercy) or more known as Mount of Arafat.

Jabal Arafat is a small mountain in the Arafat plain around 20 km from the holy Ka’bah. Standing at Arafat is an integral Hajj requirement. On the second day of Hajj (9th Dhul Hijjah) the pilgrims travel here from Mina. Also known as Jabal al-Rahmah, Mountain of Mercy”.

Importance of Arafat for Pilgrims:

Standing at the Arafat has vital importance for the pilgrims as the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) has said,

“Hajj is Arafat.” [al-Hakim].

Hazrat Aisha (R.A) has narrated that Allah’s last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W) said,

“There is no day in which Allah sets free more souls from the fire of hell than on the day of Arafat. And on that day Allah draws near to the earth and by way of exhibiting His Pride remarks to the angels, ‘What is the desire of these (servants of mine)?’” [Muslim]

Significance of Arafat:

Jabal Arafat is an important place for making Du’a. Pilgrims (Hujjaj) make du’as for themselves and ask for forgiveness from the Almighty Allah. It is an important place and an important part of Hajj as Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) and the Holy Prophet ( S.A.W) had also made du’a on the mount of Arafat.


Watch Pilgrims Making Du’a:

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