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Israel launches another spy satellite into Earth orbit to closely monitor Iran

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

07th Jul, 2020. 12:34 am
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Israel launches another spy satellite into Earth orbit to closely monitor Iran
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Tel Aviv: Israel has sent a new spy satellite into Earth orbit to closely monitor the nuclear program of Iran and activities.

The secret satellite defence Ministry of Israel, named Ofek 16, was launched into orbit early Monday morning.

On the occasion, Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu said that the move would increase Israel’s ability to take action against its immediate and distant enemies and that it would enhance our defence capabilities in land, sea, air and space.

According to the international news agency, the launch of the satellite is being linked to the events that took place in Iran last week. A fire broke out near a centrifuge factory at a nuclear plant in Iran’s Natanz region on Thursday.

Iranian officials initially called it an accident, but later acknowledged that the cause of the blaze was suspicious and expressed scepticism about Israel. Israel has not commented on suspicions of involvement in the Natanz nuclear plant incident.

According to the international news agency, it is the state policy of Israel to prefer silence to deny or confirming any secret operation abroad. Therefore, Israel’s role in the Natanz incident cannot be ruled out. The Israeli foreign minister also hinted at Israeli involvement in the blaze.

Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization has also released a photo of the part of the nuclear plant that appears to be on fire but has not said anything about the damage caused by the explosion and fire.

Iranian officials say an investigation is underway to determine the nature and cause of the blast. There is also a risk of an element of terrorism, but nothing can be said definitively. The centrifuges department of the nuclear plant was recently inaugurated.

The United States has accused Iran of building new centrifuges at its central nuclear plant that could be used to make atomic bombs and has imposed sanctions on Iran.


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