Kashmir issue discussed twice a year in the Security Council after 54 years

Kashmir issue discussed twice a year in the Security Council after 54 years

Kashmir issue discussed twice a year in the Security Council after 54 years

Rejecting criticism from opposition parties, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Federal Minister Murad Saeed said the Kashmir issue was discussed twice in the Security Council within a year of Imran Khan’s tenure.

Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed slammed former governments and opposition parties at a press conference in Islamabad.

Criticizing PML-N leader and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Murad Saeed said, “He failed to become a cricketer and then his political career was born from the womb of General Zia-ul-Haq and General Jilani.” They make him and bring him into mainstream politics.

The Federal Minister said that “his politics started on the basis of slip, Who used to call whom a Daddy?”.

He said that when he was in power, Khawaja Asif went to America and said that Imran Khan is a great believer, he has a tendency towards Islam, he likes religion, he is a true Muslim, we are very liberal. Give us a chance, we will serve well.


Murad Saeed said “During PPP tenure Gilani and Zardari government went to the US and told the US ambassador, ‘You carry out drone strikes and we make noise in parliament.’ This was their foreign policy.’

He said that Imran Khan founded PTI in 1996, got a seat in 2001 and people said that it could not succeed in politics but after 22 years of struggle, PTI made government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2013 and based on the best performance, he became the Prime Minister of the country.

‘Who removed Kashmir board on Rajiv Gandhi’s arrival’

The Federal Minister said, “When Rajiv Gandhi was coming to Islamabad, who removed the Kashmir board, it was Benazir’s government in the ’80s.

“When Imran Khan becomes the Prime Minister, he becomes the ambassador of Kashmir to the United Nations and the spokesman of the Islamic world,” he said.

“Kashmir has not been in the UN Security Council for 54 years, but Imran Khan talks about Kashmir twice a year,” he said.


Murad Saeed said that “Kashmir has become an international issue while India used to call it an internal matter”.

I ask who recognized the limits of the International Court of Justice, who spoke of the Vienna Convention and who was ashamed to name Kulbhushan,” he said.

He said, “Whose video statement was played in the International Court of Justice, it is not us but the people sitting in the opposition. If Pakistan is doing some good work today and briefed in Parliament, then you are politicizing it.”

Addressing the opposition, he said, “You are saddened by why Kashmir has become a major issue in the world. You are saddened by how it was exposed due to the policies of India and Modi.” “The sad thing is that today Imran Khan goes to the United Nations as the ambassador of Islam, Kashmir and Pakistan. The whole world hears his voice.”

Murad Saeed said, “Imran Khan does not live in the Prime Minister’s House.

He said that the road leading to Imran Khan’s house was built with his own money, Imran Khan does not take his relatives on trips, there is no private visit in two years.


‘Former rulers spend recklessly on foreign tours’

Comparing the foreign tours of the former rulers, he said that “Zardari spent Rs. 316.41 million 18 thousand 287 from public taxes on tours in five years”.

Criticizing the opposition, he said, “The whole nation is proud of the way Prime Minister Imran Khan fought the Kashmir cause in the Security Council. The whole nation is happy with the way he exposed India and Modi.”

“You took the case of Kulbhushan to the International Court of Justice. Raymond Davis was released during your tenure who martyred Pakistanis,” he said.

‘Corruption in Sindh development money’

Responding to Bilawal Bhutto’s statement, Murad Saeed said, “The report of the Chinese Commission of Inquiry came but before that, there was a report of fake accounts in which his father’s name was mentioned while Imran Khan has no sugar mill.”


“The Chinese inquiry report states how their sugar mills got subsidy but will not get NRO,” he said.

“The JIT report was forensic and the process of sentencing began, but you will not be forgiven,” he said.

He said that the voices of missing wheat, theft of wheat, recovery of NAB and investigation are coming from Sindh, they will make noise but still, they will not get NRO.

Murad Saeed said that “why people still die of hunger in Sindh, why ambulances and stretchers are still missing in hospitals, doctors do not have access to ventilators and even today there are deaths due to hunger and poverty in Sindh”.

“Why is Sindh having the highest number of people below the poverty line? There were 98,000 cases of dog bites and 27,000 cases in Bilawal constituency but vaccines are not available,” he said.

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