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Those who are fighting for independence in Kashmir will always be remembered

Muhammad Sudhir Chaudhry Deputy Bureau Chief Lahore

13th Jul, 2020. 11:04 pm
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Those who are fighting for independence in Kashmir will always be remembered

Senior Punjab Minister Abdul Aleem Khan in his special message on Kashmir Martyrs Day has said that those who are fighting for independence will always be remembered and we all salute to every Kashmiri brother fighting for their right of self determination.

He added that Kashmir Martyrs’ Day reminds us that India will never succeed in its nefarious designs and ambitions and it will have to account for every drop of blood shed of innocent civilians in this valley.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that Modi should remember that he carried out the longest and unjustified lockdown on innocent citizens in history but now these unarmed Kashmiris cannot be deprived of their right to freedom for long. He said that Kashmir Martyrs’ Day the whole nation pays tribute to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Kashmir.

Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said that the situation in Kashmir has reached a new stage of now or never and one day India will have to recognize the right of Kashmiris of self-determination. Abdul Aleem Khan further said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken a bold and courageous stand for the independence of Kashmir and supported Kashmiris in every national and international forum by taking up Kashmir diplomacy to the United Nations.

He said that on Kashmir Martyrs’ Day, the Government of Pakistan reiterates its full moral and diplomatic support to its Kashmiri brothers. Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan vowed that In Sha Allah the sacrifices of the martyrs of Kashmir will definitely bring color and this valley of paradise will come from the Indian clutches, very soon.

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