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Today’s horoscope for 16th July 2020

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

16th Jul, 2020. 01:03 am
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Daily horoscope is one of those things that is really important to prevent a day’s hassles and challenges and to prevent other defeats. The daily horoscope does not predict anything but assists in deciding the day’s characteristics.


You may feel an overwhelming need to withdraw as vivacious as you are. This might be due to a circumstance that needs reflection and thought, or simply because you want to be alone. Either way, you will enjoy some self-imposed isolation and not feel bad about it! Stick to the cold, hard facts while avoiding jumping to conclusions.


Even even if they’re outdated, they stick to expectations to show anything. But now you have to discard those that have expired and are not interesting anymore. It does not necessarily mean that you have a short span of attention, but that you may choose to follow a new path by pursuing interests that you have always wanted.


Open yourself up! Whether you’re exposed to wondrous possibilities by destiny or design. But having serendipity on the side depends on your ability to keep up with your heart. With the Sun reinforcing your spirituality and sweet Venus exposing you to opportunities that will enhance your lifestyle, you have the opportunity to fulfill ambitions and attain inner peace.


Full steam on! Thanks to the Sun in your sign you have been full of ambition, energy, and bright ideas but the presence of retrograde Mercury has caused roadblocks and chicanes. Now though you can proceed without any obstacles and the wind will most definitely be under your wings allowing you to unfetteredly forge ahead.


You are one of the zodiac’s more positive signs that lend a powerful dimension of charisma and allure. Today though it’s important not to let your ego get yourself better or get carried away on a power trip. Forget the high that a captive audience is offering, and concentrate on helping someone who needs your support instead.


You are normally quite open-minded but you may feel quite staunch today and for the next few days when it comes to your beliefs and ideas. Your usually quite flexible and elastic mentalities and opinions will become rigid. Identify what principles are really important to you, but also what just for the sake of it you cling to.


Family life takes center stage which may prompt you to arrange dinners with loved ones, healthy picnics with extended kin, and assume all manner of matriarchal and patriarchal responsibilities. You’ll feel some pressure to succeed too. Avoid with the unseen deadlines, don’t break, cut yourself some slack. Creative pursuits will be satisfying and therapeutic.


Your level of productivity today is higher than average and you’ll be able to work in half the time twice as much. Your high expectations and quick execution can not fly with colleagues though. Or you can get irritated with what you consider to be lazy or, simply, dumb. Try yourself to be as compassionate as possible.


Today you might feel defensive testy or borderline but it’s probably because you’re going to feel backed up in a corner. Masculine and feisty Mars squares off with the Sun which frequently brings competitors and bossy people out of the woodwork to assert their power. You will however display grace under fire and overcome with great ease challenging events.


You may now be forced to stand by your place, your property, and your values. Take a stand but don’t pretend to be defensive. It’s not the right time to get involved in the confrontation. Placed the ego on the back burner. If you show your underbelly softer you are more likely to reach a compromise.


The Sun is urging you to change your lifestyle in your health care business. You will become more vigilant in actively eating as well as consuming healthy foods and introducing a daily workout routine that will be a tonic to your mind and body. It’s also time to tweak your finances by increasing what you already have, maybe with professional counseling.


Now you’re going to want to buy something different. With Mars going out in your financial market, you are likely to be able to do it or at least deposit it. With the Sun in your earthly pleasure field, you can feel really whimsical and even though you want something nice, try not to be impulsive and try to find a price for the bargain.

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