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Young man dies of plague in Mongolia

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

15th Jul, 2020. 05:50 pm
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Young man dies of plague in Mongolia

A 15-year-old boy died of plague in Mongolia, after which many people were quarantined.

According to media reports, after the death of a 15-year-old boy from the plague, several people in the area were transferred to quarantine and restrictions in the area were tightened.

The Mongolian officials said, the young man who died a few days ago showed signs of plague.

The Mongolian Ministry of Health said, the young man ate marmot meat with two of his friends three days before his death.

Fifteen people who came in contact with the youth are being transferred to quarantine and are being given antibiotic treatment.

Lockdown has been imposed in 5 areas following new cases of plague.

Earlier this month, three cases of plague were reported in China and Mongolia.

Authorities have issued a high alert following Beabonc’s cases, while people have been warned not to eat infected animals, especially marmots, from moving or eating, while people have been warned of any sick or dead rats. They have also been asked to report.

It should be noted that the disease was named Black Death in the Middle Ages, which is the result of Yersinia pestis bacterium and is transmitted to humans through mouse.

It should be noted that in the past (after 1300) 50 million people were killed in Europe as a result of black deaths.

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