NASA Announces an SUV Sized Asteroid Passes by Earth

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

19th Aug, 2020. 04:54 pm
NASA Announces an SUV Sized Asteroid Passes by Earth

WASHINGTON: The Earth almost dodged a doomsday following an asteroid the dimension of an SUV passed Earth at a high speed of 1,830 miles (2,950 kilometers). Making it the nearest asteroid ever witnessed lingering by Planet Earth, stated by NASA this Tuesday.

If the asteroid was on the way of the collision with Earth, as it was titled as 2020 QG. It would not like to have made any harm or any kind of damage. Somewhat of dissolving in the atmosphere in the form of ashes, formulating a fireball in the atmosphere, or a type of a meteorite, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) announced in a report.

The SUV size asteroid, which was around 10 to 20 feet (three to six meters) tall, crossed over the southern portion of the Indian Ocean this Sunday by 0408 GMT.

The asteroid was speeding at approximately eight miles per second (12.3 kilometers per second), under the geostationary range of around 22,000 miles at which most telecommunication satellites float in the atmosphere.

The space company of USA stated that identically sized asteroids fly by Earth at a comparable range many times each year. Paul Chodas stated, “It’s really cool to see a small asteroid come by this close because we can see the Earth’s gravity dramatically bends its trajectory”. Paul Chodas, is the head of the director of the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies at NASA. Through the analysis of JPL’s estimations, the asteroid rotated by approximately 45 degrees due to Earth’s gravitational weight.

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