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PBA came to rescue Media Firon Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman from the biggest Corruption Scandal

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09th Aug, 2020. 04:10 am
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PBA came to rescue Media Firon Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman from the biggest Corruption Scandal

Pakistan’s Media Industry consists of 141 TV Channels out of which only 32 are members of PBA. These 32 channels are owned by 14 Media Groups. In spite of that, PBA calls itself a representative body of all the channels which is a dubious claim. PBA is based on a handful of media houses and has also been remarked by the Supreme Court as being involved in making a monopoly. Supreme Court has also said that PBA uses its influence wrongfully for the interests of few.

The situation, in fact, is such that PBA’s own ‘boss’ is jailed in Lahore due to illegal occupation of 54 acres of land. Media Group occupied this piece of land by pressurizing with their influence and the case is so strong that all requests of bail have been rejected by NAB and Lahore High Court. After the closure of all lawful ways to escape, the Media Pharaoh has brought PBA in front which is alleging BOL.

BOL’s only mistake in this scenario is that it brought facts and updates regarding this case in front of all the viewers. BOL has rejected all unfounded claims and has the utmost respect for all business enterprises and personnel. BOL terms business entities as a necessity for prosperity and stability.

Not airing news because of a TV Advert is not BOL’s policy, but to promote Pakistan and its interest is BOL’s number one priority. If any person or body is involved in malicious activity, BOL, with the proper investigation will bring it to fold for all Pakistanis.

BOL also makes this clear that it will not compromise when it comes to the country’s interests and will not be a victim of any sort of blackmailing. BOL will always work for the betterment of Pakistan because it is BOL’s message, a Safe Pakistan.

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